Sunday, January 23, 2011


The next sequence is as follows:
  च, चा, चि, ची, चु, चू, चे, चै, चो, चौ, चं, च:
ch, cha, chi, chii, chu, chuu, che, chai, cho, chou, cham, chaha.

 (Please note that the English reading of  च  and  छ  will be
similar,so please dont be confused.In Hindi, it will be
'ch' of  'chance').

  छ, छा, छि, छी, छु, छू, छे, छै, छो, छौ, छं, छ:
chh, chha, chhi, chhii, chhu, chhuu, chhe, chhai, chho, chhou, chham, chhaha.

   ज, जा, जि, जी, जु, जू, जे, जै, जो, जौ, जं, ज:
  ja, jaa, ji, jii, ju, juu, je, jai, jo, jau, jam, jaha

  झ, झा, झि, झी, झु, झू, झे, झै, झो, झौ, झं, झ:
  jha, jhaa, jhi, jhii, jhu, jhuu, jhe, jhai, jho, jhaou, jham, jhaha

 Now,next set will be as follows:
 ट, टा, टि, टी, टू, टू, टे, टै, टो, टौ, टं,ट:
 ta, taa, ti, tii, tu, tuu, te, tai, to, tou, tm, taha

Once again,please note that the English reading of  ट  and  त  will
be the same,so pleqase dont get confused. Here the reading of  ट
will be that of  'ta' in 'turkey'.

  ठ, ठा, ठि, ठी, ठु, ठू, ठे, ठै, ठो, ठौ, ठं, ठ:
  tha, thaa, thi, thii, thu, thuu, the, thai, tho, thaou, thm, thaha.

Here also,the English reading of ठ  and थ will be the same.
However the  'ठ'  here sounds like the 't' of 'turn',if the 't' is spoken with a forceful thrust.

  ड, डा, डि, डी, डु, डू, डे, डै, डो, डौ, डं, ड:
  da, daa, di, dee, du, duu, de, dai, do, dau, dm, daha

Once again, ड and द will be written similarly in English. The  ड here is
spoken as 'd' of the word 'drug'.

  ढ, ढा, ढि, ढी, ढु, ढू, ढे, ढै, ढो, ढौ, ढं, ढ:
ddha, ddhaa, ddhi, ddhee, ddhu, ddhuu, ddhe, ddhai, ddho, ddhaou, ddham, ddhaha
Why I have written a double 'd' is that you must slightly stress on that 'd' to make it
sound a little harsh.

So,enough for today.Please practise these,before we move on to the next ones.
Happy practising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for this. Very good lesson. Please display the letters with a bigger font as I had trouble finding the difference between '-u' and '-uu'..

  2. Hi, why have you stopped the good work that you were doing? Please carry on.......