Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Start with the Basics! -2

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I hope that you all have practised the Hindi vowels very well. In case you haven't read our post on Hindi vowels yet, then click here

Ok so now lets start with the consonants.As I told you before, Hindi has got 36 basic consonants called Vyanjan (व्यंजन). These are as follows:


The pronounciation of the consonants are as follows:
क - k as in 'kite' or c as in 'cat'
ख - kh as in 'khaki'
ग -gi as in 'girl' g as un 'game'

घ -gh as in 'ghost' or 'gherkin' or 'ghee'
ड़ - nga (no english equivalent)

च - ch as in 'check'
छ -chha (no english equivalent)
ज -j as in 'jar' or in 'jug'
झ - jha (no english equivalent)
ञ - nya (no english equivalent)
ट - t as in 'tomato'
ठ - ttha (no english equivalent)
ड -du as in 'dust'
ढ -dha (no english equivalent)
ण - na (no english equivalent)
त - ta as in 'tandoori'
थ - th as in 'thermal' or 'thick'
द - the as in 'the'
ध - tha (no english equivalent)
न  - ne as in 'nine'
प - p as in 'parmesian'
फ - fu as in 'fumble'
ब - bu as in 'bun'
भ - bha (no english equivalent)
म - m as in 'mine'
य - yu as in 'yum'
र - r as in 'rat'
ल - l as in 'line'
व - v as in 'violin'
श - sha as in 'shakira'
ष - sha as in 'shakira'
स - s as in 'swan'
ह - h as in 'hi'
क्ष - ksha (no english equivalent)
त्र - tra (no english equivalent)
ज्ञ - gnya (no english equivalent)

Note: Even though श and ष sound exactly the same, they are used in different words where in श is more commonly used.

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